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“Incredible Information”

I recently completed the ProcessingU course on credit card processing and it was incredibly informative. The material covered in the course is comprehensive and provided an in-depth look at all aspects of the industry. My knowledge in the legal and technical areas of credit card processing have grown immensely from this course.

Ricardo O.
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“Thoroughly Impressed”

I was thoroughly impressed with ProcessingU’s course on credit card processing. It was comprehensive, providing an excellent overview of the industry. It started from the fundamentals and gradually delved deeper as the course progressed, making it incredibly easy to follow and comprehend

Rhonda K.
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“Fantastic Experience”

Taking the ProcessingU course on credit card processing was a fantastic experience. The instructor had a wealth of knowledge and provided practical examples throughout the class. Now I not only understand credit card processing better, but I’m also confident selling these services.

Joel B.
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What You'll Learn

Join our all-encompassing program and unlock the intricacies of leveraging credit card transactions for a consistent income stream. Learn to minimize active involvement while empowering yourself to construct a financially autonomous future with confidence.

High Risk

Businesses operating in industries with a higher likelihood of chargebacks, fraud, or legal compliance issues.


Software or platform that connects online businesses to payment processors, facilitating secure and seamless credit card transactions on e-commerce website

Restaurant Solutions

Designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants, including features like table side ordering, tip adjustment, and integrations.

Crypto Solutions

A credit card processing or merchant services enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.


Point of Sale refers to the hardware and software used by businesses to process credit card payments at their physical locations.

Low Risk

Typically associated with businesses that have a stable financial history and a low probability of chargebacks or fraudulent activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualifications do I need?

Be at least 18, don't be a scammer, and have good communication skills. That's all there is to it!

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What is my Commission?

Your commission is based on the merchants you bring in. Higher risk businesses (crytpo, etc) tends to be higher commission for the agent and lower risk businesses (like restaurants) tend to be a lower commission.

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How much Training will I get?

You will get the initial training in the course and then have 24/7 access to a coach. All coaches can and will take closing calls for you or assist you in sales.

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Can I Buy Merchant Accounts?

Yes! We sell merchant accounts for a one-time fee. The price depends on the potential of the business. You will then receive a monthly wire transfer for the merchant account you purchased.

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How do I Apply?

Simply enroll in the course and setup a call with your coach, and you're all set!

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What is the Potential Income?

There is no limit to the potential residual income. We have agents doing $100,000/month and agents doing $700/month. The potential will be completely up to you and how much effort you put in.

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